Olimpiu Di Luppi (né Urcan) is a Singapore-based historian, author, biographer, researcher, and a master-level chess player.

For the past two decades, he has made numerous contributions to Edward Winter’s widely-read Chess Notes column, to various specialized magazines and journals, and to projects related to chess in the 1920s (e.g. Emanuel Lasker, Capablanca, and Alexander Alekhine).

His books include biographies of past masters, with four titles published by McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers:

W.H.K. Pollock: A Chess Biography with 523 Games (McFarland, 2017. with Dr. John S. Hilbert)
Singapore Chess: A History, 1945-1990 (World Scientific, 2017, with Dr. Shashi Jayakumar)
Arthur Kaufmann: A Chess Biography, 1872-1938 (McFarland, 2012, with Dr. Peter M. Braunwarth)
Julius Finn: A Chess Master’s Life in America, 1871-1931 (McFarland, 2010)
Adolf Albin in America: A Chess Master’s Sojourn, 1893-1895 (McFarland, 2014, 2nd edition)
Surviving Changi: E.E. Colman – A Chess Biography (Singapore Heritage Society, 2007)

Further contributions can be found on his Twitter webpage.