Olimpiu G. Urcan is a historian and author. For the past two decades, he has made numerous contributions to Edward Winter’s widely-read Chess Notes column. His chess history books include biographies of past masters, with four titles published by McFarland:

W.H.K. Pollock: A Chess Biography with 523 Games (McFarland, 2017, with Dr. John S. Hilbert)
Singapore Chess: A History, 1945-1990 (World Scientific, 2017, with Dr. Shashi Jayakumar)
Arthur Kaufmann: A Chess Biography, 1872-1938 (McFarland, 2012, with Dr. Peter M. Braunwarth)
Julius Finn: A Chess Master’s Life in America, 1871-1931 (McFarland, 2010)
Adolf Albin in America: A Chess Master’s Sojourn, 1893-1895 (McFarland, 2014, second edition)
Surviving Changi: E.E. Colman – A Chess Biography (Singapore Heritage Society, 2007)

He is active on Twitter.